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Grilygril787's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Link to import sheet: Sk Tolki 4326
Link to (hunting/fishing/exploring) journal: SK Tolki Tracker
Items/Companions: None
Defects/Health Issues: None

Registered name: SK Toĺki
Nickname(s): Tulla, Elven-derp
ID number: 
Owner: Grilygril787 
Species: Tokotas
Gender: Female
Age:  1 year
Genotype: ee/aa/TT/Cc/nM/nA/nD/nBl
Phenotype: Marked collared tundra dun with blanket and accents
Height: 190cm
Weight: 890lbs
Heirarchy status: SUBMISSIVE
Rites of Fertility: 3/3
Rites of Dominance: 0/5
Health status: Perfect condition. Fit, active, and in good shape.

- Honor trait:
    5+ point score benefit in all group-sanctioned 
    Show jumpingDressageHalter, and Liberty competitions.

Personality: Tulla never outgrew her lanky-puppy stage, both in personality and in looks. She often trips over her long legs and amusingly often ends up face-first in a bush or a snow-drift though how no one is really ever sure. She has an oddly enchanting grace about her, despite her clutzy nature. She's very cuddly, despite her independent natured relatives, and often is found curled up next to her father with her paws tucked beneath her.

Proof of Changes to SK Tolki:

Proof of Rites of Fertility: 5HP For Completion of AoA's

Rite of Merit (7/16/15): RoM honor ~ 8HP, Done by smerup100 AVERAGE
Rite of Fortitude (7/16/15): RoF running ~8HP, Done by smerup100 AVERAGE
Rite of The Hunt (7/16/15): RoH ~8HP, Done by smerup100 AVERAGE

Proof of Rites of Dominance:

Rite of Courage:
Rite of Navigation:
Rite of Respect:
Rite of Dedication:
Rite of Soul: 

1    `

------------------------------------------ SSS:Atuabnaq 229
----------------- SS: Montrose 790
------------------------------------------ SSD: Laija 141
Sire: Kintar Breu 1419
------------------------------------------ SDS: Sitka 66
----------------- SD:Aiyanna 386
------------------------------------------ SDD: Astrid 135
------------------------------------------ DSS: Voltaire 02
----------------- DS: Solvieg 217
------------------------------------------ DSD: Unknown
Dam: Bjarte 715
------------------------------------------ DDS: Unknown
----------------- DD: Kaya 269
------------------------------------------ DDD: Unknown

Design (c) SlaveToTheMocha 

Breeding Slots:

1. ~Reserved for smerup100 for doing AoA's~ ~Stud Bred Too~ ~Approval~ ~Usage~ ~Litter~ {EMPTY LITTER}
2. ~Stud Bred Too~ ~Approval~ ~Usage~ ~Litter~
3. ~Stud Bred Too~ ~Approval~ ~Usage~ ~Litter~
4. ~Stud Bred Too~ ~Approval~ ~Usage~ ~Litter~
5. ~Stud Bred Too~ ~Approval~ ~Usage~ ~Litter~
6. ~Stud Bred Too~ ~Approval~ ~Usage~ ~Litter~
7. ~Stud Bred Too~ ~Approval~ ~Usage~ ~Litter~
8. ~Stud Bred Too~ ~Approval~ ~Usage~ ~Litter~
9. ~Stud Bred Too~ ~Approval~ ~Usage~ ~Litter~
10 .~Stud Bred Too~ ~Approval~ ~Usage~ ~Litter~
11. ~Stud Bred Too~ ~Approval~ ~Usage~ ~Litter~
12. ~Stud Bred Too~ ~Approval~ ~Usage~ ~Litter~
13. ~Stud Bred Too~ ~Approval~ ~Usage~ ~Litter~
14. ~Stud Bred Too~ ~Approval~ ~Usage~ ~Litter~
15. ~Stud Bred Too~ ~Approval~ ~Usage~ ~Litter~





Full Body Pictures - 120.5HP

RoM honor ~8HP
RoH ~8HP
RoF running ~8HP
Tokos - Explore 05 ~11HP
Tokos - Explore 06 ~11HP
Tokos - Moose Hunt 04 ~13HP
Tokos - Explore 05 ~ 11HP
Cougar Hunt HP ~7HP
cougar hunt HP ~15HP
upland flow ~11HP
Bear Hunt ~ 7HP
Father Daughter Dance ~ 3.5HP
Cougar hunt HP 3 ~ 7HP

Headshot Pictures - 5.5HP

Concept Art For Tolki - 2HP

120.5HP(Fullbody) + 5.5HP (Headshot) + 5HP (AoA Completion Reward)

131/75 for Submissive to Average
0/250 for Average to Dominant


Soft Magic by Grilygril787
Soft Magic
Featuring Lord Phobos
Early Summer, Year 755 of the New Age
Royal Glades, Glenmore
Wordcount: 480
+1 Magic - art
+1 Magic - lit - 400-999 words 

    Phobos strolled through the glade. He was free today- his mother had drug his father out to a social outing that he wasn’t allowed to attend. These days were the ones he could breathe freely and let
his posture fall without fear that she would hit him. He wandered around, examining every flower and letting his mind wander. If his mother reworked the vines on top of the pillars into something a bit 
more deliberate instead of just a mess of vines maybe it would hold the flowers better and allow for there to be hanging vines of flowers like long strands of honeycombs or lavender. To Phobos this 
would seem just perfect and it would look absolutely dashing. Or maybe his mother could erect a stone arch and decorate it with more flowers. Or maybe his mother and father could erect a statue of 
what Excalibur the First looked like in the center so all knew without a doubt who the founder of this lush glade was! 

    He bounced in a circle, joy in his heart as he thought up new ideas that his mother could do. He never dared doubt whether or not he could do such a thing since he wasn’t blessed with magic. His 
mood went crashing as he thought over how he’d never be able to make his own ideas come to life. His mother had been trying to train him in how to grow flowers and green grass. Yet he could not 
manage it and it had been an entire season. His other was losing her patience with him and had more than once called him a talentless failure. Yet she kept hope in him that he wasn’t- saying he 
might just be a late bloomer. He hated to fail her. He hated when she was mad at him.

    He couldn’t help it that he was just a failure. He dipped his head to the earth, emotion welling within him that now he was alone he couldn’t shove away. All at once he felt something warm rise within his soul. It moved like water through him until it touched his hooves and left him, escaping into the ground. His eyes widened comically as he watched the grass turn a bright green color and a delicately softly, near pink rosebud lifted itself from the ground. It bloomed into a lush rose singular in creation but hosting many petals.

    He stared in awe as the feeling drained away now the rose was in bloom. He touched his nose to it and gasped. The feeling spiked- magic he now knew- again within him. The flower’s petals reached out just a little bit more with life, the scent of the rose growing thicker as the vine itself greened just that much more. He grinned with glee and left his nose by his art. His mother would be proud.

Art(c) Grilygril787 
Phobos and Lady Manea (c) Grilygril787 
Lord Nikostratos | Colt |Glenmore by Grilygril787
Lord Nikostratos | Colt |Glenmore

Basic Information

Name: Lord Nikostratos
    Pronunciation: knee-co-strah-toes
    Origin: Greek
    Meaning: "Army of Victory"; Lengthy olde world route to 'Nick'
    Nickname: Nico
Gender: Colt
Age: 0 ~ Newborn
    Year of Birth: 766 of the New Age [November 2nd, 2016]
Projected Height: 10.1hh
Build: Medium
Phenotype: Pseudo Cremello Maximum Partially Restricted Fawn
Genotype: ee/Aa/Crprl/fwfw/rzrz
Eye Colour: Green
Design Sheet: Here
Playlist: Youtube Link Here


    Spindly and hostile are the first impressions anyone gets of Nico. He's all legs, hardly any body and born without definition in muscles. He's small, hindish, and it doesn't seem like he'll ever grow into a fine stag. Born with a pale coat and his mother's white hair, the only thing that was perhaps a blessing was the fact he didn't inherit all of his mother's curls though the slight twist shows that the curls still had influence. He's got fuzzy around his hooves and most of his tail is hidden beneath hair. The last and perhaps most notable feature of his appearance is the ever present and highly angry looking scowl upon his features.

Family Information

SireLord Virgil [Lord Loris x Lady Salome] Chestnut Pearl Dun Maximum Partially Restriced  Fawn - ee/Aa/prlprl/nD/fwfw/rzrz
DamPrincess Selene [Lord Annar x Princess Angelique] Palomino Maximum Partially Restricted Fawn - ee/aa/nCr/fwfw/rzrz
    Half Through Sire:
        ~Lord Albin [Lord Virgil x Princess Keva]-(Y762-Y762) *deceased*
        ~Lord Aurel [Lord Virgil x Princess Keva]-(Y762-Y762) *deceased*
        ~Lady Iona [Lord Virgil x Commoner Doe]-(Y758 - //) *alive*
    Half Through Dam:
        ~Princess Wendigo [Princess Selene x Lord Adrian] - (Y764 - //) *alive*

Noteworthy Others:

    Too young folks!

Skill Points

Age Caps: No Level [0-3] ; Basic Level [3-5] ; Medium Level [6-9] ; Advanced Level ; [10-14] ; Master Level [15+]
Born Adept Caps: Basic Level [0-2] ; Medium Level [3-5] ; Advanced Level [6-9] ; Master Level [10+]

Speed: 2 [No Level] (Build Cap: 15 points max)
Stamina: 4 [No Level]
Strength: 4 [No Level]

Herbalism: 0 [No Level]
Magic: 35 [Basic Level]*Born Adept*
Magic Type: Earth


+2 speed - base bonus
+4 stamina - base bonus
+4 strength - base bonus
+35 magic - hereditary bonus

Herd Information

Biological Herd: Glenmore
Current Herd: Glenmore
    Herd Position: Lordling
Loyalties: Himself, his parents
General Location: His mother's side
Thoughts on Other Herds/Ranks/Things: Based on age and comprehension, will be updated frequently
Comprehension level: 0-1 year old
  • Silverthorne:
    • n/a
  • Oakfern:
    • BAD GUYS! Big old meanies! Stay away- danger!
  • Blackwood:
    • BAD GUYS! Big old meanies! Stay away- danger!
  • Glenmore:
    • Royals
      • My family and me- right?
    • Commoners
      • What?
    • Tainted
      • Does that mean dirty?
    • Princesses
      • His mother's a princess and thus he loves princesses and their glowy-night-light tendencies and warm snuggles.
    • The King
      • What's a king?
    • Those Outside the 'Norm Standards'
      •  Er....
  • Windborne:
    • n/a


*NOTE* Nico is still a newborn fawn, he doesn't have much a personality outside of being caring, oggling at artistic things, being quiet, and much perfering small groups for company over large ones. These traits are all set to develop as he ages, most to be present by the time he's three.

Dot Bullet (Green) - F2U! Good Dull Green Dot Bullet - F2U! : Caring, Artistic, Honest, Proud, Religious
Tiny grey Bullet FREE Neutral Tiny grey Bullet FREE : Quiet, Traditional, Loner
Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! Bad Dot Bullet (Red) - F2U! : Bitter, Sarcastic, Passively Aggressive, Self-deprecating

It's a curse, caring.
    Regretful on Nico's behalf is his ability to care for everyone. He cares about every word thrown his direction, every sour look, every snide remark. He cares about them all despite saying he doesn't. He has an entire heart and he feels with all of it. He cares that the Glenwood hates him. He cares about the words the bullies throw at him. He basks in every kind word said to him, especially those from his mother. He cannot turn the 'caring' factor of him off and he hates it most days but appreciates it when with his mother.

O' Summer's gale!
Nico is an artist. He loves all forms of art- music, dance, story telling, floral, sculptures, fashion, theater- all of it. He has a deep appreciation for all of it and it catches his eyes constantly, making him pause in his strides to gape at whatever it is for however long he can spare. He loves creating art that appeases to his own eyes and he's his own worst critic in the same manner. However the arts are a passion and one of the few things that gives him pure joy and peace.

To be quite frank with you, everything in which you just said was impeccably stupid.
Nothing is as amusing or perhaps as dangerous as honesty. In Nico it's no different as he will lay out upon a silver platter his opinions and his views. Though he cares about everyone's opinion, he's not even remotely afraid to say his own. It's mostly tactless, rarely sugared, never sweet and hard to swallow. Among his few friends this trait, paired with his sarcasm, leads to a very large sense of dry humor that is found to be quite hilarious.

I am a Lord-born stag, I am better than you.
He wasn't born a royal for naught. Pale coat or not, he's still got the blood of royals surging through his veins and he will flaunt it. His bullies and all of Glenmore's insults keep this pride from being an ego and turns the pride which remains into a defensive trait used to help block some of the taunts. It's an armor he doesn't realize is an armor. He's oblivious to his own defensive techniques though he does appreciate them.

Oganach cursed me but I'll prove him wrong.
    Oh Oganach is real alright and Nico blames him heavily for his pale coat. He doesn't blame his mother, he doesn't blame his father. He blames Oganach and it strikes a drive deep within him to prove the immortal wrong. Prove that Nico wasn't going to be the failure Oganach had destined him to be from birth. He's determined to prove that he's stronger than the life given to him. That he's thrice as worthy of Oganach's blessings and approval as those born darker than he. He refuses to see his life as anything else. Oganach is there, real, and Nico talks to him a lot too just as any other would (or at least once he has a grasp on words), but that doesn't mean those conversations are always the most pleasant of things.

I prefer to listen, thank you.
Nico inherited his father's quiet nature as much as he inherited his green eyes. Nico much prefers to keep his mouth shut unless he's in very selective company- meaning his mother. It takes opportunistic need, political need, or a lot of pressure in general to get Nico to consistently converse without first being provoked. He doesn't quite understand the need to fill the perfectly good silence with meaningless jabbering. He much prefers meaningful words spoken when they are needed to be- not a moment sooner or later. Only his mother can get him to jabber on easily.

This is our way of life.
Traditional thoughts have been drilled into his head perfectly since his hooves first touched the earth. This preconditioned way of thinking isn't questioned, for the most part, and is perhaps the largest reason his hatred of himself has stemmed so readily from such an early age. He only questions the 'dark stags are stronger than pale stags' aspect of the traditional thought pattern as his deep desire to prove Oganach bloody well wrong overrides the thinking just enough to allow room for doubt.

Socializing just isn't my 'thing'.
Mostly from the sheer amount of bullying he's been introduced to from the moment he left his mother's womb and partially just his own innate nature, Nico is most at home when alone or with one or two others. The more people actively in his 'personal bubble', the more uncomfortable he is. Perhaps the worst trait to have for a Lord of a relatively decent standing lord. He carries on though, as any good lord should, and puts up with being highly uncomfortable to save face.

[Bitter / Self-deprecating] 
I'm a pale, failure of a son. Can't expect much.
Life isn't a bucket of daisy's for Nico. While his mother is the sunshine in his life and he's got a few buddies, the largest portion of Glenmore is against him and heart yearns for the approval he knows as much as he knows Oganch is to blame for his pale coat that he's not going to get it. He's a pale failure, he knows it, and he's remindedconstantly about it. Pride might be something he has but it's not in his looks, his intelligence, or his wit. He's just as much of his own bully as the rest of Glenmore is which can be a large damper on his drive to prove Oganach wrong.

Oh now THAT was the brightest thing you've ever said.
Sarcasm is the ultimate making of Nico. If he retorts to anything it's almost always sarcastic and dry. This is a trait mostly pronounced to bullies and is even evident in his facial features as he gets almost completely animated when throwing a sarcastic retort. He'll easily fake any given thing to better make his sarcasm better. It's nearly describable as theatrical but it's all more for the comedy of it than anything though he doesn't quite realize he's doing it unless someone comments on it. He's the master of the eye-roll and the disbelieving snort. Look out Glenmore- you've got another sass-protege!

[Passively aggressive]
I'm sorry that you're upset that I'm not sorry in the absolute least.
Aggression isn't entirely part of Nico's personality. He's not out to put his hoof in anyone's hip over something, however he does have rage he needs to let out. This rage comes out as passive-aggressive snide remarks which can be verbally aggressive, nasty, and downright cruel if he's trying to get a particularly vindictive dig in deep. It's not a side that frequently shows up but it is indeed there and mostly comes out to play around bullies.


Bullet; BlackBullet; BlackBullet; Black Hate
Bullet; BlackBullet; Black Dislike
Bullet; Black Unsure. 
Bullet; White Acquaintance
Bullet; BlueBullet; Blue Respect
Bullet; Blue Trust
Bullet; GreenBullet; Green Close Friend
Bullet; Green Friend
Bullet; Pink Crush
Bullet; RedBullet; Pink Unsure/Mixed Feelings
Heart Romantic Love
Bullet; RedBullet; Red Love
Bullet; Purple Family

Princess Selene (Mother) *Alive*
    He absolutely adores his mother. His mother is the radiant light in his life and his ultimate best friend. She's the only person he'll let see him cry and she's the only person he'll babble on to without being prompted. She is his everything.

Lord Virgil (Father) *Alive*:
    His father is another outstanding figure in his life. A good step below his mother- a steep step perhaps- but he's still very important! When given the chance he does his best to impress his father, striving to stand like him and appease him as much as possible.

Princess Wendigo (Half-sister) *Alive*:
Big ol' meanie is what Wendy is! She nips him when mamma isn't looking and he is not a fan of her. He doesn't understand what he did to make her mad but oh boy does she make him mad.


[Year 766]
    [Rp/Art]- Was born. It was a rather shocking event. So pale!
Phobos | Butler | Glenmore Stag by Grilygril787
Phobos | Butler | Glenmore Stag
LoveLoveLove Just so everyone's aware, I swear he's the most fawnling-ish fawnling I've ever drawn. Also- warning the file is large. 

Basic Information

Name: Phobos the Deadly
   Nickname: Phob
   Name Meaning: Fear - the Greek Mythological child of Ares and Aphrodite and the embodiment of fear
Gender: Stag
Age: 13
Year of Birth: 752 of the New Age
Height: 10.2hh
Build: Medium-light
Phenotype: Bay 
Genotype: EE/Aa/Fwfw
Eye Color: Brown
Design Sheet: Here
Voice Actor: Al Pacino
Current Plot Arch: Unearthing Death
    Past Plot Arch's: --

Defects / General issues that hinder certain things:
  • Extremely questionable fertility: Phobos will only throw three fawns through his lifetime no matter how many does he takes Due to Inbreeding in family history.
  • Bad ankles: After an accident shortly after he turned 8, certain bones in his right front ankle healed wrong thus causing pain when he runs. Speed capped at medium.
'Fun' Facts:
  • He genuinely hates his parents.
  • He's gotten the best possible combo he could have gotten, considering the inbreeding has hyper-inflated the chance of illnesses such as cancer, multiple limbs, deafness, and respiratory problems.
  • He's got a nice bass singing voice- slightly gravelly but mostly rich and powerful.
  • He gets misgendered by stags during Rut a lot as they like to come at him from a distance and shout out compliments (mostly slurs on his dark coat) despite the fact they are almost an entire glade away. It's purely coincidental, considering with his rack it's hard to mistake him at all the closer one gets, but its a fairly common occurrence that at least once a full moon he gets thrown doe-specific compliments/slurs from a distance.
  • He has a slight hip-problem, thus when he walks and stands his legs are a bit more spread out than they should be. It's not a bad enough case to hinder his ability to run, but it is rather hilarious to watch his partial waddle-run.



Rough on the eyes, smooth to the touch. It's duller than it should be for a stag of Glenmore. Shorter than it should be in most places- which is poor for winter weather.


Dark and dreary, they’re hard to describe. Most days they look black for how dark they seem. There is hardly any life within them, sans for the perpetual fires of rage.


He's petite in build and features, giving a dull thrum of life to gentle curves and a thin almost swan-like neck. Even his shoulders are smaller and daintier than a stag's should be. His head is the only thing with what he perceives as stag-like qualities, with a short nose and a sharply defined drop between his eyes and the bridge of his nose.


On the longer side of things, it's dull and almost dead-looking. To the touch, much like his coat, it's silky smooth and flows like water. His mane is kept up out of the way in a loose, looping braid tied off with a small leather cord. His tail is mostly left alone and the almost 'peach fuzz' like beard he has only has the ability to make one small braid which is as well tied off with a small leather cord.


Separate Place for detailed trinket list and how he acquired themTrinket Details for Phobos

In his youth he didn't have many possessions or trinkets- only a family heirloom which is a single fox-leather pouch hung on a vine/hair mixture kept together with dried sap that contains four pieces of bark from the trees of his home- the heirloom has been passed down from the head of the family to the next head since Excalibur the First was alive and created the glade. It’s to keep the family traditions close at heart as well as mark the Heir of the family Lord. That was all he needed in his youth, but since having been disowned by his father, he's given the horrid reminder back.

Living around the Oldegrove and having been in frequent contact with merchants from all over, he's certainly got an array of trinkets. He's got leather from a Blackwood Icebear wrapped around the top of his tail which is usually decorated with other trinkets. Most tend to be trinkets from Oakfern but there is a trinket from Silverthorne that he's managed to snag. He also has a set of wolf-skin bags which he uses to carry herbs or carry out errands. Also from time to time he will take some of the trinkets, likely seashells, and string them up using some vines between the two prongs of his rack- though he usually only does this if he needs to be 'fancy'. Lastly he has a little knife he's made from part of one of his previously dropped racks- it's wrapped in leather and hangs on a leather cord around his neck.

Family Line

 Lord Excalibur l
          |                                   Lord Nirut x Lady Chesulloth x Commoner Stag
    Lord Rion l                                          |                        |
          |                                                  |                        |
    Lord Rion ll x  Lady Mahath                 |                        |
                   |                              Lord Amittai x Commoner Fethawit
       Lord Excalibur ll   _______________________|______
                  |             |                  Cousins                             |
          Lord Anir x Lady Deirdre             |                                |
                       |                 _________|______            Duke Heth x Lady Doe
                       |                |                              |                          |
       Lord Excalibur lll  x Lady Cotys                Lord Pollux  x    Lady Themis 
                                |                                                |
                            Lord Ulixes -----------  x ------ Lady Manea

Sire: Lord Ulixes [NPC - Deceased][Born Y739]
   Name meaning: Full of Wrath
Dam: Lady Manea [NPC- Living][Born Y740]
   Name Meaning: Greek goddess of insanity 
Bloodline: 100% Inbred Glenmore (Unwittingly and unknowingly so)
Family Glade Information: Glade of Lord Excalibur the First
  • Glade is dark and rather frightening- even the grass is dark. Four large oak trees ground each corner of the glade and between them the dens.
  • Light seems to have a hard time reaching the ground for the thick canopy overhead. 
  • There is a single entrance to the glade- a large archway poised with vines that are littered with snow lilies kept fresh and alive by Lady Manea.
  • Edges of the glade are covered with Mistletoe and Elderberry bushes and Deadly Nightshade isn’t an uncommon find in the glade.
Personal Glade Information: Den of Phobos, part of the Glade of Lord Pietro
  • Glade is dark, even during winter, but during the peak of summer there is an abundance of light. Only one den.
  • Glade is very small and also centered in a thorn-bush thicket which is surrounded by a bushel of evergreens.
  • Single entrance to glade, medium-sized archway made so by the thorn-bush. Archway is thin, making it uncomfortable to push through.
  • Phobos keeps a stock of herbal plants off to the side as well as in his den.

To explain how this works: 

Lady Chesulloth had a very usual and normal life as a Lady. Nothing too out of the extraordinary tended to happen to her. She was promised away by her father to Lord Nirut when she was born- giving her family more political sway. She grew up good on delightful terms with her Lord (who was only three years her elder) and was quite content to be his harem doe. When she was six she gave birth to their first child- Lord Amittai. Life was well for a good two years following it before something ill happened. A commoner stag challenged Lord Nirut over Lady Chesulloth and the fight proved the commoner victorious. Lord Nirut was stag of honor and let her go as she had been 'fairly won' but promised his beloved friend and faithful doe that he would prove himself worthy of her next rut and win her back.

Chesulloth went with the commoner as she was supposed to, her beloved son thankfully remaining with Lord Nirut, and while the commoner treated her fairly well Chesulloth still fell into a harsh depression. The commoner vowed to tend his best after her but after realizing he was only making it worse he promised Chesulloth that once the fawn was born she would be allowed to return of her own free will to her lord. He would find a wetnurse for the fawn they produced. Yet fate, as it seems, wasn't alright with it working out like such. The spring came and Chesulloth gave birth to Fethawit before falling ill with Milk Fever. The commoner was ridden with guilt and blamed himself thus after he saw Fethawit safely in the care of a wetnurse he vanished. No one ever saw him again.

Growing up Fethawit never knew of her mother's true name. The Wetnurse had never been told out of the sole fact that it may change her opinion of the babe she raised alongside her own little ones. Time passed before Fethawit unwittingly fell in love with a handsome stag by the name of Lord Amittai. He was as handsome a stag as Glenmore could have produced without being the son of Oganach himself- or at least he was in Fethawit's eyes and she frequently told everyone her opinion. Lord Amittai let her into his harem as she was a beautiful commoner and she wasn't treated poorly, though she wasn't treated as proudly as the ladies of his harem were treated. In her life she gave him two beautiful and rightfully colored children- Duke Heth and Lady Deirdre- and she happily died with a relatively uneventful life that most does dreamed of having.

Duke Heth and Lady Deirdre grew up two completely different fawns. Duke Heth was always striving to prove to his sire that he was as worthy of his affection as his lord-born half-brothers. He was relatively content in life despite his rather strained relationship with his father and was mostly a calm and laid back stag. Lady Deirdre on the other hand was something else all together. Glenmore couldn't have found a more traditional mind than Lady Deirdre and she followed it with the same enthusiasm and iron-kick as a stag did. She hated the fact she had commoner blood and despised the fact her mother's common blood tainted her blue-blood. She was obsessive and crazed over ensuring that her offspring were the best and more than once she had gotten into a screaming match in her youth with her brother who, in her eyes, was far too unconcerned about his blood purity.

Needless to say Duke Heth and Lady Deirdre were not on good terms. They parted ways at the earliest of opportunities and seldom spoke unless they absolutely had to. It wasn't beyond belief that their offspring grew up without knowledge of that particular side of the family. Lady Deirdre found a home and a kindred soul in Lord Anir and together they had only one child- Lord Excalibur the third who grew up to his mother's liking and more which basically meant he was her three times worse when it came to obsessing over perfection. Duke Heth produced many fine children though only one was noteworthy- Lady Themis who, much to her father's dread, was just as dead-set on perfection as her aunt was. Duke Heth tried his best to steer her towards a calmer path and mostly managed it.

Lady Themis was promised off to Lord Pollux- a good standing Lord who unwittingly was the silent version of Lady Deirdre. They produced one child- Lady Manea- who was the apple of her parent's eye and grew up with their joint taste for purity and vengeance. However thanks to her grandsire's input she was a lot calmer about it and could have her sweet moments. Lord Excalibur the third a mate in Lady Cotys- the cousin of Lord Pollux and a relatively unnoteworthy doe apart from the trademark personality that made her fit quite well in the family. As fate would have it neither Pollux or Cotys realized their children were mates until the families came together to celebrate the birth of the first-born son and first-grandchild Phobos. It was through a silent glance and a vow that their children's relation would be a secret and the secret was kept until their graves.

Skill Points

Speed: 3 [Basic Level] (Capped at medium)
Stamina: 4 [Basic Level]
Strength: 3 [Basic Level] (Build Cap: 19 points max)

Magic: 17 [Medium Level]
Magic Type: Earth- Primarily plant growth

Herbs: 0 [Basic Level]

Experience: 0


+2 speed - base bonus
+4 stamina - base bonus
+4 strength - base bonus
+11 magic - starter bonus
+2 magic - 1000-1999 words (Inquiring for Gifts)
+3 magic - 2000+ words (Pass An Apple)
+1 magic - 400-999 words (Rose Hedge Maze)
+2 magic - 400-99 words + art (Soft Magic)

Herd / Butler Information

Herd Affiliation: Glenmore
Herd Position: Commoner ~ Butler (Born royal but forsook his title)
Current Generalized Location: Glenmore in general; Lord Pietro's Glades or wherever he's been commanded to go.
Family Currently In Service ToLord Pietro
Abilities as a Butler:
  • Ground Work: Greening grass, maintaining flowers, maintaining herbs.
  • Errand Work: Able to deliver messages, fetch wants or needs from the market, and various other things without stepping on political toes. [Perks of being raised a Lord, yes?]
  • Minstrel: Wonderful singing voice with a list of hymns. Mostly good for boredom-relieving entertainment or entertaining of fawns. Picked up an array of songs from all over the Isles due to basically living in the hub of merchants in Oldegrove for a large deal of time
  • Story-teller: Is oddly good at remembering stories and converting family history into stories. Best for teaching fawns good mannerisms, also good for regaling in high family event points of prestige.
  • Hitman: He's willing to knock a Lord or commoner out of the picture subtly if they become a problem for his lord. Say the word and they're going to at least have distinct problems for a long period of time. He's not outwardly homicidal but he's not got a problem being the cause of someone's death if they deserve it.
Not good Qualities for Butler-duties:
  • Watching fawns for long periods of times. He doesn't have the patience nor does he trust himself not to be his father if he works himself into a temper.
  • Being a health advisor. He's not good at that but he's learning in his spare time so he can know if his lord or his lord's ladies or fawns are in dire need of aid.
  • Being a guard. He's not the most brutish or frightening looking stag there ever was. Intimidation or fighting is not his specialty unless he's been given permission to kill.
  • Being speedy. He's got a bad ankle which keeps him from running unless absolutely necessary upon threat of a life- be it his, his lord's, or one of his lord's beloved.
Permission to Reproduce: Not given but no interest anyway.


| Atheist |

Those 'Gods' of yours certainly don't help me, why should I expend my life to them?
He literally can't wrap his mind around how hundreds of fawns would give their lives, their unborns, their parents, their everything to gods who only show up when you've put your foot in it. He won't open his mouth and voice that opinion- Heavens knows he would get skinned for it, but that doesn't keep him from thinking fawns are right mad for it. If you come across to him as one of those who would give their unborns to your god, his respect in you goes down several notches.

| Loyal & Protective |
Touch mine again and you die.
Loyalty and protectiveness is ingrained in Phobos and has been since he was born. It's one of the few traits and beliefs his family managed to shove through his head. Those he aligns himself with will have his loyalty to his dying breath, for those are the few who have proven worthy of it. He wouldn't call them 'loved ones' but they are certainly something dear to him.

| Lack of Concept of Love |
I've never felt it before, why would I feel it now?
While an inborn defect in his mind doesn't help, this trait is primarily from the lack of 'love' growing up. He's confused by the concept, frightened by it even, and is completely unsure of how to react if it's pointed out to him. There are certainly those he's more 'particular to', but he's not able to assign the feelings of loyalty, protectiveness, and general enjoyment of the other fawn as anything to do with 'love'. To him 'Love' is more of an quirky illness, one that just so happens to typically befall does and particularly the does in Glenmore.

| Dark |
I’m three skips of a stone short of a Blackwood.
   It’s always present. A lingering presence of doom while around him. It’s in his eyes- in his stare. That near lifelessness and the fires that burn away at another’s soul. He’s dark on the inside, there are demons that no one else sees. The very air around him seems to possess a dark shadow that not even his best smile can cut through. Hiding away in him is the ability to kill without guilt or question.

| Observant |
Well, I manage to see a lot more than I should.
He notices a lot. He see's a lot. He's typically always in the right place at the right time when it comes to things. Yet, he never quite files the information away or connects the dots just right to align to the bigger picture. He's ripe for the picking of gossip-berries if you're the right person, since he hardly ever lets anyone do said picking. 

| Controlled Temper |
I am fire in this manner, milady, and fire burns.
    Anger is a part of Phob like his heart is. It is a constant sea within him, alive and rolling with the tides- mostly irrational but mostly warranted and overly much. It has been alive within him since his birth and it would continue to be so until his death. However he learned to curb his temper immediately, to keep it hidden within him. He grits his teeth well and does not break face often unless someone has severely wronged him. Control over one's self is control over one's situation as his father used to say.


Full History here: Full History of Phobos


  • [Birth of Death] - The story goes that Life was Given as another life was Taken as the gods welcomed the Son of Death


  • [Soft Magic] - NewPhobos finally manages to get the hang of how this 'magic' thing works!


  • Grandfather Pollux dies
  • Gets life nearly beaten out of him in 'training session' with father


  • Grandmother Cotys dies
  • Another 'training session'
  • Trains with guards and they get suspicious
  • Political explosion occurs and suspicion dies in favor of other things


  • Grandmother Themis dies
  • Another 'training session'
  • Watches best friend get killed
  • Gets beaten by father into never speaking of it and vows vengeance for friend
  • Suspicion on who murdered friend is again distracted by the Great Oak burning


  • Grandfather Excalibur dies
  • Tells father he's going out to live on his own and gets disowned
  • Runs for life from raging father who chases him around the Glenwood screaming death threats
  • Phobos' ankle is ruined in the run
  • Ulixes gets severely questioned and investigated
  • Trial of Ulixes occurs and he's found guilty of multiple murders which leads to the execution of Ulixes.
  • Lives life as commoner and takes up butler duties.


  • Finishes Butler training
  • Becomes butler to Lord Pietro


  • Spring
  • Winter
    • [Winter Wedding- Phobos Reply] - The wedding of Lord Pietro begins without a hitch, though Phobos nearly has a heart-failure from frustration.
    • [Pass An Apple] - Phobos might need a bag full of fermented apples after encountering his mother at the after party


  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Autumn
  • Winter


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